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Legend Galleries

Legend Galleries

We are a multidisciplinary arts organization. We are devoted to presenting the work of emerging and established artists. We are market makers. We forge unique and sustaining alliances between artists, patrons and audiences alike. By ourselves and with others, we present literary and performing art events. We create and sustain both a social forum for artists, art groups, patrons of the arts; while acting as an incubator for the exchange of ideas and artistic expression.


We recognize and celebrate the many manifestations of artistic expression. We are perhaps unique, in that we have expanded our definition of what constitutes art. Expressions of a Perfected Unified Field or the Mandelbrot Theory are no less works of art than a Van Gogh. Equally so, great works of literature have inspired both artist and patron since time in memoriam. We see no need to separate these disciplines from our definition of art, rather, it is this expression of underlying harmonies which transmits and communicates to our consciousness a unique perception of the oneness of all.


Legend’s mission remains constant, to lead, promote, and provide the forum for artisans; and to nurture the role which each plays in the constant unfolding and manifestation of the human spirit. As part of our evolution, Legend continues to develop and implement programs for the expansion of art appreciation, individual empowerment and expression. We invite you to explore our offerings and to participate.


Legend functions as a market maker and a patron of the arts; while bridging the divide between the unseen artist and the promotion of their works. We offer the following.


Legend is constantly searching for emerging artists. We provide markets for art by forging Art Alliances. We strive to expand our alliances by working with patrons to create pools of investment interest. For the Artist we offer the following:

  • Artist Representation
  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Market Making
  • Micro Market Creation
  • Meet & Greet Exposure


Legend has created a unique program for participation in the art market. Collection Strategies that are purposeful and designed to fit into a comprehensive program suitable to your objectives. We support our patrons with comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Creation of Art Collections
  • Investment Alliances – Consulting & Philanthropy
  • Social & Economic Opportunities
  • Market Making & Micro Markets
  • Family Participation
  • Exhibition Opportunities & Social Events

Support and Advancement of Art

Legend pioneers several dynamic social based programs. Our goal is to support, nurture, recognize & empower artists to express their individuality. Our broad based goal is to aid society in its acknowledgement of the importance of the expression of the one and its impact on the many. We provide these services and champion our goals through the following Alliances:

  • The Young Program
  • The Renaissance League
  • Community Participation