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The historic Board of Education Administration Building was designed by Irwin T. Catherine and Jules A. Melidon, and constructed in 1932. The building design was selected by jury. Its style is a combination of Art Deco and Classical Revival. It was part of an early revitalization scheme for the city, which resulted in the building in Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

  • North side: Daniel Webster, Benjamin Franklin, Thaddeus Stevens, William Shakespeare
  • South side: Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John Marshall
  • East side: Robert Fulton, Russell Conwell, Horace Mann, William Penn
  • West side: Isaac Newton, George Washington, Bayard Taylor, Stephen Girard

Today, Legend Galleries occupies the East Wing of the building. It is now an incubator for artists and patrons alike, where events fill the space with awe, admiration and joy. Legend Galleries offers several options for organizations, community groups, artists, collectors and social functions. Set in the historic Museum District, Legend Galleries could be an ideal location for your next business or private event.

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