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Stories of our Artists and Alliances

Eimi Exhibition Day

They are educators, engineers, and culinary artists. They hail from local neighborhoods and far across the Atlantic but on Saturday, July 16, four artists gathered here at Legend Galleries, united by a shared passion for the arts. Though the subjects of their art vary from depicting people living on the edge of the social-economic ladder to colorful, fleeting moments in a flower’s short lifespan, each artist manages to capture the one moment in time where the emotions or majesty of the subject is at its peak.

Deep Waters

Legend Galleries invite you to take a leap of faith into Deep Waters, created by artist couple Robert Roesch and Suzanne R. Horvitz. Robert’s tall and imposing metallic structures, complete with blue lights and miniature sailboats, captures the delicate balance that exists in a natural seafaring environment. The representation of the sun, wind, and water demonstrates his command over the elements in his creations; a monument to mankind’s innate desire to travel and

InnerVisions Exhibition by Jean Blumberg and Susan Leshnoff

InnerVisions sets out to discover what each artist sees and feels inside themselves when they set out to create artwork. Discover what is true to Jean and Susan’s creativity true to their visions,

Bryan Guglielmi’s Solo Show Refraction at Legend Galleries

On January 15th, local artist Bryan Guglielmi launched his solo show Reflection at Legend Galleries. Bryan's unique application of light and darkness in his paintings is as captivating as

Genesis Revealed, solo exhibition by Susan Leshnoff,

From December 6th to January 12th Legend Galleries had the privilege of showing Susan Leshnoff’s series Genesis Revealed. Susan’s artwork explores