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Art and Education

Art and Education

Legend functions as a market maker and a patron of the arts; while bridging the divide between the unseen artist and the promotion of their works. We are constantly reaching out to new markets and expanding current markets. Through our Alliance Partnerships and Venture Programs we offer a unique opportunity to participate one on one with us to further the broad based objectives we champion.

Cafe Expression

Poetry, Stories, Literature of all types & styles, the stuff that dreams are made of. Café Expression provides young Artisans with the perfect platform to publish & provide the world a taste of what’s next. Experience the Written Word at Café Expression on the Worldwide Web & Live Slams at our location. Learn more

Exhibition 2100

Art is expression. Immerse yourself. Partake of the unspoken communications that art allows. Exhibition 2100 provides access to these treasures via the Worldwide Web & Gallery Engagements. Learn more


Music, is the universal solvent. Let your ear taste endless expressions of sound. Music soothes, motivates, & entertains all at once. The Melophonist offers a snapshot of tomorrows musical trends showcased on the Worldwide Web & live at our Exhibition Venue. Join Us. Learn more

Performing Art

Dance, Theater, Comedy, Spontaneous Expression, Video, & Film, if it’s artistic you can share it here. The Program supports a wide range of Performing Arts. Learn more

The Young Program

Exposing audiences of all ages to the works of children, in an effort to support, nurture, recognize & empower children to express their individuality & to acknowledge the importance of the expression of the “one” & its impact on the “many”. Learn more

Artists For Light

Elevation! “Artists For Light” introduces a unique private & public endeavor. The world’s largest work of art. Imagine the opportunity to participate in a project so large as to encompass 12.1 miles of canvass; with an annual participating audience in excess of 25,000,000. A work of art that touches everyone with the joy of light, sound, and sensation, all the while interacting with participants to instill a sense of community, ownership and pride.

A4L is a social endeavor. We want participants who can grasp the concept of a single greater good; whose achievement touches all, allowing everyone to participate and benefit, each to their own ability. Learn more